1. Major Improvements on features: Google page speed, Schema, Sitemap, AI meta tag



    1. Improvement in Google page speed: Error in the specific card.

    Initially, if the Google page speed feature identifies the error or captures that it used to be displayed on the entire block. But now the error will be captured under the specific card.


    2. Improvements in Schema: The help text and search feature in various lists have been updated.


    3. Improvement in SiteMap:


    4. Improvements in AI Generator:

    a. Product Description: A new field as a product description has been added, like a Shopify editor.

    b. The product description field has been computed for the SEO score function.

    c. AI response is generated through chat GPT 4 initially it was GPT3.

    d. To generate AI responses we use tokens 1000 tokens = 1 Credit.

    if more than 1000 tokens are used to generate responses then depending on the token used the credits will be used.


    3. A new plan, Explorer, of $4.99 per month has been introduced:


    The plan option to activate is visible for merchants who have less than 50 products only.

    This is the annual plan, which is at low rates but credits will be less, which is as

    • 3000 Images for Optimization every year after the trial period ends
    • 100 AI Meta Tags Credit for every year after the trial period ends
    • 50 Product Meta Tags: Optimize, Image alt

    Untitled design (9)



  2. Introducing Language Translator on the Webrex SEO Optimizer App with some major improvements on features like - Meta tags, Broken links, and image optimization.

    New Feature

    1. Introducing language translator :

    Now Merchants can use the Webrex SEO Optimizer App in almost all languages. we understand the importance of reaching global audiences, and now, expanding your online presence just got easier.


    Ready to take your SEO game to the next level?


    2. Introduction to the dashboard in Broken Links :



    3. Enhancements on Image Optimization Features :


    A. Setting Models at the Image Level :

    Now under the product tab in Image Optimization, the merchant will find options like optimized if the products are not optimized or re-optimized & re-store options if the products are optimized.


    B. Add Dashboard For Image Optimization :








  3. New Features Shipped on Home Page & Some Enhancements on the Existing Features:

    New Feature


    1. Automation in Image Optimization - Improvement on Image Optimization

    Merchants can now apply Automation to enable and Optimize the images for their Products. Just a one-time set and all is done. Merchants can "Edit" & "Delete" the created automation and also set the automation status as " Active" or "Inactive".



    2. Automation in Meta Tag Edits - Improvement on Meta Tag Edits

    Merchants can now automate the process of Meta tag edits for the products. Merchants can "Edit" & "Delete" the created automation and also set the automation status as " Active" or "Inactive".



    3. Existing meta bulk operation can now have 2 new options - FocusKeyword and Image Alt text

    Now while using the Bulk Meta Edit feature merchants can request for edit Keyword focus and image Alt Text



    4. New Release - Request Feature, View Latest Release & View RoadMap :

    New options are added on the Home page by which the merchant can now -

    a. Request & Vote For New Feature.

    b. View the Latest Releases and keep track of new shipped features.

    c. View the Road map where merchants can check on what features are Planned, Under consideration, In Development, and shipped.



    5. Predicted Traffic - Improvement On Broken Link :

    A new column with the title - " Predicted traffic " has been introduced under the resolved tag.

    This calculation is based on the age of a webpage (measured as the difference between today's date and the date when the page was last fixed), the duration when a broken link was enabled, and the current number of views

    ((todays date - date fixed) /(date fixed - broken link enabled))* current view




  4. Some Enhancements on Schema, Google Page Speed And Pricing


    1. Schema Related :

    Now if the merchant is on a free plan or downgraded plan to free from premium then the Config button won't be visible for the schema that comes under the premium plan.


    2. Google Page Speed: Introduction to Change URL and Re-check button

    Change URL - Merchants can use the Change URL option if the URL identified is not correct or renders the error while generating the page speed report.

    Re-Check Button - This is used if the merchant wants to recheck the page speed report. For example, in the change URL case if the merchant changes the URL and wants to see the report for the changed URL he can click on the button and re-check.


    3. Pricing Updated :

    Now the merchant can see the price as Billed Monthly or Billed Yearly along with the percentage off on the billed yearly plan.




  5. Improvements In Schema



    1. Validations are updated correctly for all the schema.
    2. You can not add multiple FAQs, How to, Recipe & Video Schema to one page be it Product Collection or any page. It will throw an exception on the app itself.
    3. For the pages you have selected in order to add schema like Video, FAQ, Recepie & Howto we have given a tooltip there so you can directly click on it and check in one single click if the schema re correctly getting implemented on the page or not


  6. Bulk Image Optimization

    New Feature

    Merchants now can optimize their product images in the right format, dimension, size, and resolution while keeping the smallest possible size. This will help to ensure that your images rank in image searches on Google, and it will also be beneficial to the overall SEO (search engine optimization) of your website.


  7. Enhancements on the Major App features like Meta Tag Edits


    Meta Tag Edits - Introduction to Bulk Edit Feature.

    Merchants can now edit the meta tags and descriptions for products in Bulk. This generally saves time and for those who have more than 100+ products in their store, this feature is like a game changer for them.

    Note: The Feature is available on the Premium app only.



  8. New design for Schema i.e. Schema 2.0

    New Feature

    Our dev team has created a Schema from Scratch where we have given more customization options to merchants to add information. Also added more validations to make sure that the information passed was correct.


  9. New systematic Onboarding and introduction of Google Search Console feature with some improvements on Meta tag edit

    New Feature


    Onboarding [New Release]:

    Now the app has a proper onboarding feature.


    Introduction to Google Search Console feature [New Release]:

    Now merchant can connect their Google search account with our app Webrex SEO Optimizer & Schema once connected you can submit all your site maps directly via the app without first logging into your actual search account.


    3. Meta Tag Edit [Improvement]

    Initially, the page covered the full width which has now changed to a narrow width as that of Shopify.



  10. Improvisation on features like Home Page, Meta Edit & Google Page Speed


    1. Home Page:

    A help Centre button is provided for helping out the merchants with knowledge base/help articles.

    2. Meta Edits :

    In meta edits, we have optimized the AI-generated Focus Keyword for better results.

    3. Google Page Speed :

    Now the merchants need not have to do the Get Report compulsory before enabling the Google Page Speed button. Even if the button is directly enabled the feature will fetch the report automatically.