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Major Improvements on features: Google page speed, Schema, Sitemap, AI meta tag



  1. Improvement in Google page speed: Error in the specific card.

Initially, if the Google page speed feature identifies the error or captures that it used to be displayed on the entire block. But now the error will be captured under the specific card.


2. Improvements in Schema: The help text and search feature in various lists have been updated.


3. Improvement in SiteMap:


4. Improvements in AI Generator:

a. Product Description: A new field as a product description has been added, like a Shopify editor.

b. The product description field has been computed for the SEO score function.

c. AI response is generated through chat GPT 4 initially it was GPT3.

d. To generate AI responses we use tokens 1000 tokens = 1 Credit.

if more than 1000 tokens are used to generate responses then depending on the token used the credits will be used.


3. A new plan, Explorer, of $4.99 per month has been introduced:


The plan option to activate is visible for merchants who have less than 50 products only.

This is the annual plan, which is at low rates but credits will be less, which is as

  • 3000 Images for Optimization every year after the trial period ends
  • 100 AI Meta Tags Credit for every year after the trial period ends
  • 50 Product Meta Tags: Optimize, Image alt

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